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Day 1, Downtown Campus
Time Program Presentation title
10:30   Reception, nametags, coffee and opening remarks  
10:45   Research talk session - (10 min + 5 min Q&A)  
  10:45 Avneet Sharma Sex and Politics in the Novels of Alan Hollinghurst
  11:00 Michelle Jimenez Preoperative weight loss intervention in gastrointestinal cancer patients
  11:15 Mickey Wu Polycystic ovary syndrome in transmen: Understanding prevalence and contributing factors
  11:30 Vegas Hodgins The impact of neurotypical cognition on communication deficits attributed to pathologized people
11:45   Short break (15 min)  
12:00   Poster session  
    Alexandre Garus Investigating the impact of the protein dyskerin and of premature aging mutations in the formation of
ribonucleoprotein structures and cellular aging
    Aria Brunetti Caring in community: A narrative inquiry into liberatory harm reduction and peer-education
    Charlotte Spruzen Complex microbes in peculiar oceans: What ancient reefs can tell us about climate, seawater chemistry, and evolution
    Katy Dmowski Opioid versus opioid-free analgesia after caesarean delivery: protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis
    Khiran Arumugam The Role of the Community Pharmacists in the Management of Acute Pain in Adults: A Scoping Review
    Michelle Kowalska LGBTQ+ Social and Community Supports in Substance Recovery: Qualitative Research Study
    Samuel Richer Adolescent social stress alters the growth of dopamine axons to the prefrontal cortex in a sex-dependent manner
    Bradley Por Sexuality and Harm Reduction ‘Underground’: Transgression and Creation of Legal Space in Electronic Music Venues
    Maya Goss Instrumentation in Radio Astronomy: Studying Signals from the Early Universe
    Sarah Ghezelbash Deconvoluting the Immune Tumour Microenvironment of Triple Negative Breast Cancer in Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy
    Shane Feinstein The Role of Claudin Gene Variants on Calcium-Based Kidney Stone Formation
12:45   Lunch hour  
13:45   Keynote talk and questions - Naoufel Testaouni Challenges & barriers facing 2SLGBTQ+ Communities in the Workplace 
14:30   Short break (5 min)  
14:35   Research talk session - (10 min + 5 min Q&A)  
  14:35 Cameron McRae Accelerating the Sustainability Transition through Mainstream Marketing
  14:50 Cris Delatado Barabas Urban queer immigrant youth’s literate lives: Conceptual proposition for research
  15:05 Emma Brion 2S/LGBTQIA+ youth and Polyamory: Analysis of the ‘J’Prends ma place’ survey
15:20   Short break (5 min)  
  15:25 Gabrielle Smith Femme pedagogy as liberatory praxis in the music teacher-education classroom
  15:40 Jason da Silva Castanheira Healthy aging alters the contents of the brain-fingerprint but not its accuracy
  15:55 Taylor Rubin Gender Diverse Student Identities and the Role of Substitute Teachers: An Autoethnographic Study of
Educational Policies and Protocols for Safer Classrooms
16:10   Short break (5 min)  
16:15   3MT talk session   
    Christian R. Moya García Localized treatment for throat cancer: taking care of patients' voices
    Melissa-Ann Pereira Ledo 80% of What You Teach is Who You Are: Queer Representation Matters
    MD Faizul Hussain Khan  
    Kaylee O'Meara Similarities between social policy and development policy: Proposals for increased innovation, partnership,
and transparency in Canadian public administration
    Michelle Pelletier Water quality analysis in northern communities on the Ungava and Hudson Bays
    Tobias Gurl The Known Unknowns of Trans Male Sexual Healthcare
16:45   Keynote talk and questions - Dr. Anna Marie LaChance  Nanocomposites: Bringing Queerness into STEM Education 
17:30   Closing remarks and break  
18:00   Thomson House social (with prize presentation)  
20:00   End of symposium  
Day 2, Macdonald Campus
Time Program Presentation title
10:30   Reception, nametags, coffee and opening remarks  
11:15   Research talk session - (10 min + 5 min Q&A)  
  11:15 Allison Ford Seasonal and phenological knowledges, biocultural keystone species, and environmental change in Eeyou Istchee
  11:30 Haley Land-Miller Feeding niches of Arctic and northward-shifting sub-Arctic marine mammals in Greenland
  11:45 Hannah Silver Canadian Neoliberal Imaginaries During Covid-19: A Critique of Gender Based Analysis Plus (GBA+)
12:00   Short break (15 min)  
12:15   3MT talk session - 3 min  
    Alice Gendron  
    Cindy Gao Body size-sexual conflict trait relationships and disc trait interactions in male Graphoderus liberus diving beetles
    Jessica Chadwick Urban soil remediation – a meeting point for art, science and public engagement
    Kate Marr-Laing Non-profit advocacy and meaning-making for social change
    Maria Stergiou Pre-service teachers' reactions to and perceptions of children's literature on diverse family structures
    Marie Dry Father, Mother, or Parent?
12:45   Lunch hour  
13:45   Research talk session - (10 min + 5 min Q&A)  
  13:45 Anna Ma You Sound Depressed: A Case Study on Sonde Health's Diagnostic Use of Voice Analysis AI 
  14:00 Nicolas Poulin A Systems Analysis of Developing Masculinity: An Autoethnographic look at Sexual and Gender Identify
  14:15 Zoey Davis Physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling of poly-brominated diphenyl ethers in urban gulls
14:30   Short break (15 mins)  
14:45   Keynote talk and questions - Dr. Alexandra Ketchum A History of LGBTQIA2S+ Student, Faculty, and Staff Activism at McGill and Why These Stories Matter
15:30   Coffee break (15 min)  
15:45   Research talk session - (10 min + 5 min Q&A)  
  15:45 Tim Mt Pleasant Situating Graduate Student Understanding of Systemic Supports in place that are meant to benefit their 
Research qua Education within Canadian  Jurisdictions
  16:00 Sarah Mangle Wait - What Are We Measuring? Conceptualizing Sexual and Gender Identity
16:15   Keynote talk and Questions - Dr. Lee Penn  Working to support students and colleagues with marginalized identities 
17:00   Closing remarks and prize presentation  
17:30   Outdoors visit/social  
20:00   End of symposium